Maryland Gold Prospecting

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Welcome to my gold prospecting site. Yes, there is still gold out there! It is in your local creeks and rivers just waiting to be found! All you need is a gold pan, a shovel, and some instruction. I have helped many people get started with information on where to go, reading the creek, buying basic equipment, and how to use it. 

Gold panning in the eastern gold belt.

The eastern gold belt runs from Georgia to Maryland. Creeks and rivers running through and down the Appalachian Mountains, and through the Piedmont sections hold gold. Northern states Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine have many gold bearing areas.  

Check out the"About us"page for pictures of products in use as well as some instruction on gold panning, whether you are a large scale miner or weekend prospector, it all comes down to testing the area and final panning to get the gold!


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